Can U Love Me: A Memoir…A Tribute

“Can U Love Me” is a memoir about Nicholas “NinosCorner” Battle, a young black child growing up in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. A single-parent household, coupled with the “crack” epidemic, made life for this 80’s baby very challenging. The introduction of Hip-Hop gave him an outlet to cope with the struggles he faced within his environment. It provided the soundtrack and the blueprint to his life; and formed the foundation necessary for him to navigate through all the challenges the world would throw at him.

“The fuel behind my motivation was music, especially Hip-Hop. Scarface taught me why I only saw emotion from a hardened male after a death. 2Pac taught me about the struggles of teen pregnancy within my community. Nas taught me that I can be whatever I want to be because the world is mine. In all honesty, Hip-Hop raised me, and in some instances, Hip-Hop saved my life.”
– Nicholas “NinosCorner” Battle –