Nino’s Week 1 Post Game Thoughts

It was truly refreshing to see Bijan Robinson get 24 touches during the first game of the season (20 rushes, 4 receptions). Not only was he effective, but he was also very efficient against ULL. Getting Bijan 20+ touches resulted in:

  • a 65.31 NinosCorner Numnber (NCN) rushing (NCN-RUSH) and a 122.44 NCN receiving (NCN-REC).
    • NCAA Average NCN-RUSH and NCN-REC is 40.00
  • 1 out of every 5 touches being explosive plays that went for 15+ yards or more.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 2.5 touches resulted in a 1st Down.
  • Over half of Robinson’s touches were successful plays.

If Bijan Robinson is Texas’ most important player, junior Wide Receiver Jordan Whittington is more than likely the Longhorn’s 2nd most vital athlete. The things I enjoyed watching in regards to Whittington’s play this week resulted in:

  • an 84.30 NCN-REC
    • NCAA Average NCN-REC is 40.00
  • 57 yards after catch (YAC)…50% of his total yardage.
  • 100% 1st Downs (1DN) per Reception and 75% 1DN per Target
  • 100% Successful Play (SP) per Reception and 75% SP per Target
  • 50% Explosive Play (XP) per Reception and 38% (XP) per Target

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